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Mote of Harmony Farming

The Mote of Harmony system was a big change in Mists of Pandaria. In all prior version of WoW there were distinct elemental type items used for crafting high level items. They were tradable and farmable. For example in Cataclysm there were Volatile Air, Volatile Fire, Volatile Earth and Volatile Water. There are no separate earth, wind, water and fire Motes of Harmony they are all just Motes of Harmony. Motes of Harmony are bind on pick up meaning you can’t even transfer them to your other characters It takes 10 Motes of Harmony to make one Spirit of Harmony. The character that needs a Spirit of Harmony to buy a recipe or to craft an item has to obtain the Motes his or herself. Motes of Harmony are world drops in the level 85 -90 zones. As you first enter those zones as an 85 you won’t get very many drops in the level 85-87, but as you level you get more drops and then once you hit 90 you get even more drops in the level 90 areas. All in all you still don’t get very many drops and it limits your ability to make high level items. In the video below I discuss two ways I have discovered to get Mote’s of Harmony without relying on world drops. The first technique I discuss is sort of a wildcard in terms of how many you get, but it is the only technique I know of that will let characters lower than 85 farm these. Using the second technique I outline in the video you could get 16 Motes of Harmony every 24 hour period.

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