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Exotic Leather Farming

Right now farming Exotic Leather is a bit like trying to hit a moving target. However, I will do my best to keep you up to date as blizzard seems to nerf known spots.

Best Exotic Leather farming spots for level 90s:

The Windward Isle:
This is the latest spot I verified for patch 5.2. Travel to the Windward Isle which is located off the coast of the Jade Forest and head towards the side of the island that faces the open sea.


You’re going to skin and kill the adult turtles and the yearlings you find there, and there are a lot of them. This is a daily questing hub so they are going to replenish quickly. The yearlings are level 87-88 and the adult turtles are level 90. There are other creatures guarding them so be careful. You need to be a level 90 and have decent gear to do this one. You are going to get very little if any scraps here, but you are going to get Exotic Leather and Prismatic Scale here.

Whitepetal Lake:
One of the better places to farm Exotic Leather is in Vale of Eternal Blossoms. You go to Whitepetal Lake and kill the Stillwater Crocodiles. Now to see these you have to have done the introductory quests with the Golden Lotus so that you get their daily quests. You don’t need to be Friendly with them just finish the introductory quest chain with them so you get the dailies and you are good to go. (It takes 30 minutes to an hour or so depending on your gear and you have to be level 90 to get the quests.)

The Crocodiles are inside the yellow arrows. A lot of times you have to jump in the water and swim down to get them. On the days that killing these Crocodiles are part of the daily quests you can skin all the corpses other players kill that you find there. As an alternative you can kill the Thundermaws and skin them. If you are going to make decent time of this you need to have good gear. You can do it in beginning 90 gear, but it is going to be slow going and depending on your class you might die on occasion. Generally, you get full exotic leather here and you don’t get any of the Sha-Touched scraps.

Best Exotic Leather farming spots for levels 86-89s:

Grassy Cline:
A great spot for level 86s+ is the Grassy Cline in the Valley of the Four Winds.

The small pond there is full of Wyrmhorn Turtles. A level 90 can pull several of these at time. They drop about 80/20 Sha-Touched vs. Exotic Leather, but they drop prismatic scales like crazy. Plus you get other value drops for your time: the turtle meat which sells on most realms, vendor turtle scales, the intestine bonus drop that also contains vendor items and just for the hell of it a good drop rate on Motes of Harmony.

Torjari Pit:
One of the best places for those with entry level 90 gear and those that are level 86-89 is in and around the Torjari Pit in the Valley of the Four Winds. You’re going to kill and skin all the Bulgeback Tortoises you can find. My level 90 Skinner isn’t geared very well and other the odd and end I occasionally find I don’t plan to gear him up so this is one of the best spots for me personally to farm Exotic Leather as I can do a large pull. You can also do this spot as low as level 86-87, but with smaller pulls.

This area is located inside the yellow circle. There are Tortoises on the shore of the small lake and you can jump in the water and swim down to find more Tortoises to kill and skin. You will get a mix of Exotic Leather and Sha-Touched scraps here.


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    Thanks man arrived here from YT video. This is the most up to date list I have found.

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    Also came here from you tube your skinning guide is the best I have ever seen on You Tube.

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