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Zygor’s Guides Review and Free Download

Zygor’s Guide Free Download

I wanted to do my review of Zygor’s Guide a little differently than most folks do. For one I actually used this product in game and know how it works. Most of the reviews you will find for this product make it painfully obvious the person writing the review has probably never even played WoW much less used this in game power leveling software. I think most of those reviews (there is no nice way to say it) suck. They have done Zygor’s an incredible disservice because they don’t know what it does or how it works. With that in mind I’d suggest you watch the video above where I will actually activate the product on a new toon and show you what it does.

I know a lot of players just don’t understand what power leveling software can do for them now that the level cap is at 90 and Blizzard is providing in game questing tips. Let me tell exactly why you need Zygor’s. As much as the game has changed when it gets right down to it leveling a toon still boils down largely to questing. Ok so what you may say. Here is where questing is still hard  if you spend too much time questing in the wrong Zone where you are not getting maximum XP for your questing you are slowing down the leveling process tremendously. You are adding days or weeks until you hit 90 simply by questing in the wrong zones. With the level cap now at 90 the time we spend leveling in most zones has been greatly diminished. Years ago I recall spending 3-4 hours a day for almost two weeks leveling one of my alliance toons in Westfall. Now it seems like 30 minutes in that zone and your done. I also vividly recall spending many fun filled days in Stranglethorn Vale. Now it is like an hour or two that is not so fun filled. So leveling software is more important than every when it comes to telling you when it is time to move on to a new zone, and Zygor’s will tell you when you need to move on.

One of the other reasons I think Zygors should appeal to you is that one of the things that a lot of long term players suffer from (me included) is falling into a rut and creating the same race or faction of character over and over again because they are familiar with that race’s and that faction’s 1-30 zones. It simply takes so much less time to run a toon through zones that you are already familiar with. It is hard to justify playing a new race because of the extra time commitment will likely mean more days or even weeks of game play to hit level 90.  The neat thing about Zygor’s is you can run quickly and efficiently through any race’s starting zone quicker than you could even if you’re intimately familiar with the zone. One important thing Zygor’s adds to the mix is it keeps you from taking those quests that take too long to complete. Even though questing has been simplified greatly those time wasting traps still exist and if you’re in a zone you have never played before you will fall into them.   Furthermore, if you’re on a new account or a new realm where you don’t have heirlooms available you are going to find that leveling through 89 levels to get to level 90 is just painfully slow. Zygor’s will speed this up for you tremendously.   Finally it is free to use (no credit card required) on any of your toons up to level 20 so there is no reason not to try it the next time you level a new toon. I suspect you will like it so much you will kick yourself for wasting all that time questing without it.

Zygor’s Guide Free Download


Essence of Air Farming up to 2500 Gold Per-hour

I wanted to share one of my best gold making secrets it is farming Essence of Air in Silithus. If you have an Enchanter you can turn these into BOA enchants for even more gold. However, you don’t need any particular profession to farm these and you can do this as low as level 55. Watch the YouTube video for complete details. Route map is below the fold. Continue reading “Essence of Air Farming up to 2500 Gold Per-hour” »

Skinning Valley of Four Winds Potential 3,000 – 6,000 Gold per-hour

Here is a nice gold farming spot for the skinner that takes advantage of the increased demand for Exotic Leather and Prismatic Scales since patch 5.2 introduced daily research to leatherworkers.  Remember results vary by realm.

Taking a look at pets made by Engineers

Today, I wanted to take a look at the various pet’s Engineer’s can make and where you get the schematics to make them. Making these pets can be lucrative because the schematics aren’t necessarily easy to obtain. For those of you that like the idea of selling vanity pets Engineering is the best profession for you to be in.

Umi Rumplesnicker
Pets from World Drop Schematics: The Mechanical Squirrel Box and the Lifelike Mechanical Toad Schematic are World Drops. That is they are random drops from a variety of different things, and you can’t farm for them. However, you can buy the schematics in the Auction House. Any player can get the drop so you generally come across plenty of Mechanical Squirrel Box Schematics, but not so many Toad Schematics as the drop rate is much lower for that one. The Mechanical Squirrel Box only requires an engineering skill of 75 and the materials are dirt cheap and easy to obtain so it can be a real profit maker on the right realm. Indeed the Mechanical Squirrel Box is the most profitable pet for me to craft on my realm. I can always find the mats in the auction house for less than 3-4 gold total and I these sell on the right realm for more than that. The Mechanical Toad requires an engineering skill of 265 and the materials needed to make it are more difficult to obtain.

From Drops in Gnomeregan:
The schematics for Lil’ Smokey and Pet Bombing both drop in Gnomeregan. The Pet Bombing Schematic drops from Mekgineer Thermaplugg which is the final boss and the drop rate is very high. I got it on my first run at the lowest level I was eligible to do this (26). Lil’ Smokey is a random drop from the Crowd Pummeler 9-60s, the Peacekeeper Security Suits or the Arcane Nullifier X-2s. The drop rate on Lil’ Smokey is much lower and it will probably take you a few runs to get it. I had to go back and solo Gnomeregan at level 70 to get it. Both Lil’ Smokey and Pet Bombing require an engineering skill of 205 to craft. These can also be lucrative to make on the right realm.

From a Quest Chain in Winterspring: You obtain the training to make the Mechanical Yeti by completing the quest chain that starts with Umi Rumplesnicker in Everlook. Note: to get her to give you that quest you are going to have to start the series of quest that start with Lilith the Lithe. I had to do her quest and then complete the one Kilram (standing next to Lilith) gave me before I could obtain the quest Are We There, Yeti? from Umi. All in all it took me about an hour to complete the quest chain including the pre-quests.

From Profession training at profession level 475: At this level Gnomish Engineers can learn how to make the De-Weaponized Mechanical Companion and Goblin Engineers can learn how to make the Personal World Destroyer from any Engineering trainer.

Ghost Iron Farming

Ghost Iron farming spots have jumped around quite a bit since the release of MOP, but I will do my best to keep you informed. Keep in mind there aren’t near as many active nodes as there was during the initial release of the expansion. A lot of the spots have been nerfed down so far that they are no longer worthwhile. Continue reading “Ghost Iron Farming” »

Elementium Ore Farming

Elementium was the volume ore of the Cataclysm expansion, and I have two great places for you to farm Elementium Ore. The first place is the Twilight Highlands. Continue reading “Elementium Ore Farming” »

Obsidium Ore Farming

My preference to farm this ore is in Mount Hyjal especially now that the Cataclysm expansion is long gone. Continue reading “Obsidium Ore Farming” »

Saronite Ore Farming

The best place to farm Saronite is in the Sholazar Basin. Continue reading “Saronite Ore Farming” »

Cobalt Ore Farming

The best place to find Colbalt Ore is in the Borean Tundra. Continue reading “Cobalt Ore Farming” »

Adamantite Ore Farming

The best farming route for Adamantite Ore is in Nagrand. Continue reading “Adamantite Ore Farming” »